Milwaukee was once known as “the machine shop to the world.” Even today, a certain blue collar romanticism remains. The idea of wearing a machine on your sleeve could only have come from a place like this.

HollenWolff self-retaining cufflinks will only open when held “North/South.” (With the push-button facing down.) Which means they can only be operated by a man who knows which way is up. This mechanical metaphor was built into HollenWolff cufflinks for a reason. Like Excalibur and the stone, it only works for a man who has found his "True North."

Furthermore, HollenWolff adjustable cufflinks can be set at two different lengths, to accommodate a larger watch, for example.

Utilizing high integrity materials like surgical grade stainless steel, with experience gleaned from half a century of industrial ball bearing manufacture, HollenWolff creates items of uncompromising quality.

Mechanical ingenuity that dictates design. Form following function. The sort of thinking that built this country.